Human Resources Services

Executive Recruitment

We use modern tools along with our connections in the industry to help you find the best candidates for your important positions. We are experienced in filling roles such as CAO's, CFO's, ADM's, and MD's. 

Harassment Investigations

We are trained and skilled in leading culturally sensitive investigations. We know how disruptive a harassment situation can be and we will work long hours to ensure investigations take place quickly so that you can get back to work.

Organizational Design

We have experience leading large scale organizational changes and we know how to best organize people to maximize results. We have a well-defined process that ensures all important factors are considered to create the best structure for your organization.

HR and Policy Work

We help create customized HR policies and templates that will make life easier for your organization. 

Workshop Facilitation

We facilitate in-person and virtual meetings, retreats, workshops, and training sessions, that produce transformative results.

Customized Services

We are experienced in all areas of human resources management, and we can customize solutions to meet your needs.

Financial Services

Accounting Support

We review your organization’s existing accounting and bookkeeping system and help streamline your processes with cloud-based software solutions. We provide training or guidance to your staff on any issue that arises.

Virtual Controller

For small to medium sized organizations, we provide virtual controller-style support by a CPA without the cost of hiring a full-time position. We can lead your full-cycle accounting functions, provide strategic guidance, oversight, and analysis to help your organization function at its highest level.

Year End Preparation

We prepare your year-end financials, whether its for tax reporting or handover to an accounting firm for a review or audit engagement, making the handover process seamless and efficient.

Tax Efficiency Analysis

We provide a full review of all your accounting practices, ensure your organization is tax compliant, and provide tax planning advice.

Business Case Preparation

We draft business cases to justify new positions, divisions, or business segments, and for new business ideas while analyzing market potential.

Customized Services

During our analysis, we may identify other areas for improvement not listed here and can customize our services to meet those needs.

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